Due to the growing concern for the environment, both authorities and consumers demand more information about the environmental impact of products and services placed on the market, as well as the organizations that provide them. Among the many tools that allow data to be obtained are Carbon Footprint (CF) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

CF is known as the amount of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) emitted by a company, activity, or product under normal conditions over a certain period. It is a tool that allows to assess the total impact on the climate that your organization has in relation with the emission of GHG and use this information to propose measures to reduce and / or compensate its emissions, thus reducing its contribution to global climate change.

The LCA is a methodology for calculating the environmental impact, not just carbon emissions, of a product, activity, or service during its life cycle, that is, from the extraction of necessary raw materials to the end of the service or completion of the service or activity. Depending on the stage in which the object of the analysis is at and what you want to achieve with it, there are three types of LCA: prospective, product and comparative.

In both cases, the scope and functional unit must be set first. Depending on your business needs and the information at your disposal, our experts will help you select the right ones for your organization.

Once this is established, the necessary data from all the processes involved is collected from to proceed with the calculation (inventory). This also requires upstream and downstream information from the production chain based on scope and needs.

With the data gathered, our multidisciplinary team determines which is the most suitable standard for your case, such as ISO 14064 or 14067 for HC or ISO 14040 and 14044 or PAS 2050 standards for LCA. providing CF data or LCA conclusions relevant to your organization and stakeholders. These results allow our experts to propose areas of improvement to improve your data, for which we can provide improvement implementation plans or management systems.

Bionok Healthcare, S.L. has a wide portfolio of services to respond to the environmental needs of your organization:

  • Calculation of the Carbon Footprint of your product, activity, service, or organization.
  • Life Cycle Assessment of your product, activity, or service.
  • Preparation of Sustainability Reports.
  • Implementation of Environmental Management Systems, among others.
  • Identification of key performance indicators (KPY).
  • Development and implementation of plans to improve emissions and environmental impact.
  • Environmental advice.

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