We are specialists in advising and consulting for more than 10 years in regulation of chemical substances, safety and toxicology reports, compliance with various regulations for finished products, materials and raw materials for commercialization. We offer specialized advice tailored to your needs.

Our professional service for your company, based on the advice of a team of professionals with the most demanding preparation, will allow you to focus and continue towards the top, completing your projects.

In our different sections we give you a brief description of our services, for more information you can write us by email, fill in our form or contact the phone number that we provide on this page.

Our premise is to guide, investigate, develop, facilitate and manage different options and solutions for other companies, thus allowing them to grow by focusing on reaching the most satisfactory point in their business.

We want to contribute to the growth of your company.

Our motto



we focus on giving our best and our knowledge at the service of your project.


our multipurpose team of experts will make all their knowledge available to your project


we will put at your disposal our best options and tools to grow your business


your project will receive our best treatment according to your needs


our actions and developments will be guided by the veracity of each action to be undertaken

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