A detergent is any substance or preparation that contains soap or other surfactants that are used in washing and cleaning processes or that has a cleaning power over a surface. Detergents may be found in various forms (liquid, powders, paste, bar, tablet, molded forms, others) and be marketed for domestic, institutional or industrial use.

As companies go by, not only are they looking for a useful and safe detergent for human use, but their effects on the environment are being given more and more importance. This regulation emphasizes the ultimate biodegradability of detergents.

BIONOK HEALTHCARE SL, will be able to advise you in the entire process of obtaining the product as or for detergency. Our experience can be very useful when advising on its formulation, its labeling, the necessary process times and compliance with the legislation.

Detergents are governed, among others, by Regulation No. 648/2004, R.D 770/1999 or Regulation (EC) No. 440/2008, if applicable according to certain characteristics. This compliance does not only apply to horizontal legislation, but we are also experts in cross-sectional regulations that may affect detergents, such as Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP), Regulation 528/2012 on biocides and regulation 1907/2006 (REACH).

Last but not least, we can also help you with the notification of your products in countries outside the European Union and, if necessary, notify them at poison centers in European Union countries.

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