Electronic devices surround us at all times and in increasing numbers (telephones, televisions, electrical appliances, computers, etc.). It is an essential requirement that these devices do not interfere with each other, which means that they are electromagnetically compatible. In order to achieve this compatibility, they must be manufactured according to standards that ensure correct interaction.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the ability of an electronic device to function optimally in its electromagnetic environment without creating electromagnetic disturbances with other equipment of the same in an intolerable way.

Directive 2014/30/EU regulates this aspect and for this it has established certification procedures that allow evaluating the electromagnetic compatibility of any applicable electronic device.

To know if our products are electromagnetically compatible or not, it is necessary to carry out tests in certain environments and with specific instrumentation. This will allow us to ensure that the equipment is immune to external disturbances and does not produce signals that disturb other equipment.

With Bionok you can feel guided and advised throughout the entire certification process of your electronic product. We will review and help you prepare all the necessary documentation and supervise all the tests that will be carried out.

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