From the development of the API using QSAR tools, physical-chemical characterization, design of clinical trials, registries, implementation of quality systems according to ICH, we can offer you these services:

Drug design and development

The first step to obtain an effective and safe drug is its correct design and development.

At Bionok we advise pharmaceutical companies during the development of their new drugs and pharmaceutical formulations. Our team of experts has professionals from the sector with long experience in the design of new molecules and in the development of the most innovative pharmaceutical formulas.

Notre équipe d’experts compte des professionnels du secteur avec une longue expérience dans la conception de nouvelles molécules et dans le développement des formules pharmaceutiques les plus innovantes.

Drug safety

One of the most important pillars in the development of any drug is the evaluation of its safety. The clinical trials, together with the bibliographic analysis, are key to creating a Risk Management Plan that guarantees the highest possible safety for the product.

Our team of experts collaborates in the design of clinical studies and advises companies so that they can carry them out in the shortest possible time and with the greatest guarantees of reliability.


As experts in regulatory matters, we will take care of the entire registration process. We will analyze your product to design the best strategy and thus allow companies to put their medicines on the market in the shortest possible time and in the most competitive markets in the world.


Once the product is on the market, it is more important than ever to continue to ensure the safety of patients. To do this, all the information that may exist about the effect that our product is having must be collected, investigated and evaluated. This will allow us to guarantee at all times that the risk / benefit balance remains adequate.

Bionok will carry out this pharmacovigilance work for you, by establishing a solid system based on the acquisition, integration and analysis of adverse reaction data so that your company can guarantee the safety of the medicine that it has put on the market.

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