Over the counter products (OTC) are products that can be sold directly to the consumer without a prescription from a healthcare professional. These products are drugs considered to be safe and effective enough to be used by the general public without needing a professional opinion.

This concept in not common to all countries, depending on the country you are looking forward to marketing your drug in, the product might fall under different regulations (cosmetic, drug, biocide). On the same way, products that are not considered OTC in some countries might be considered as such in others (Sunscreen). A different approach will be taken depending on this.

From the discovery of the drug to its marketing, we will provide you all the needed guidance so that you can put the product on the market in the most efficient way while complying with all the legal requirements.

Thanks to our wide knowledge about the drug industry and our experience on the registration of drugs in many different countries we are the best guidance for your company. We take care of the registration of your product focusing in the appropriate way according to the requirements of each country.

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