Fragrances and aromas are present in much of the cosmetic, household. These substances serve either to give smell, mask unpleasant odors or to add flavor to edible products. Substances with aromatic properties, natural or synthetic origin, must be safe to be used in these products and its allergen content should be declared to avoid sensibilization effects.

Depending on the type of product in which they are to be introduced, these substances must meet a series of requirements. Food flavorings are governed by a different regulation than other products. For the latter, we must analyze their safety within the framework of the regulations of the product in which they are found.

IFRA is an organization dedicated to promoting safe use of fragrance ingredients and issues periodically a list of restrictions for fragrances and aromas. Following their guidelines are an insurance for manufacturers and marketers to guarantee their products are safe.

From Bionok we are looking forward to help you develop your products. We can assess your fragrances and aromas according to IFRA’s standards and we will advise as well on the labelling of fragrance ingredients and allergens depending on the product so you can manage your business as smooth as possible.

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