The RoHS Directive (from its acronym in English Restriction of Hazardous substances) is a European directive aimed at reducing the use of six materials considered dangerous in electrical, electronic and other equipment. The goal is to reduce pollution and prevent environmental damage, as well as to avoid health problems related to exposure to certain substances. The six substances restricted by this directive are lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium VI, PBB and PBDE, setting maximum limits of 0.1% (0.01% for cadmium) on the total content of this material. Anything that can be identified as a different material must satisfy the limit.

Any company that sells, distributes or manufactures electronic or electrical equipment in the EU must implement this directive.

At Bionok we help you implement all the necessary controls for your company to comply with this directive and help you evaluate all raw materials from the beginning to ensure compliance.

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