Novel Food are those that have not been consumed in a significant way by humans in the European Union before 1997 and therefore, no safe consumer record is available for it. It includes food from new sources, food obtained through the application of new technologies or by using new substances. Novel Food are regulated in the European Union (Regulation (EU) 2015/2283), and a pre-market authorization from EFSA is required. This authorization will be granted once the safety of the Novel Food has been proven for a specific use. To guarantee the safety of Novel Food it is necessary to know the product’s composition, origin, nutritional value, toxicological profile and other specific aspects depending on the product type.

You might want your Novel Food to be able to include health claims on its labels and advertisements. In that case you might have to perform additional studies and test to proof its efficacy.

Bionok’s team, as technical specialists, are experts in the Safety Evaluation of food and edible ingredients. We will help you create all the information and perform every needed test to fulfill EFSA’s requirements as well as submitting your request and follow it up for you.

We will study your product and create the perfect strategy so that this Novel Food gets to the market the safest and fastest way as possible.

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