The basic European regulation that establishes the principles and general requirements of food legislation is made up of a series of regulations applicable to animal feed (both those intended for food production and those that are not), to the activities of feed companies and imports and exports of feed.

The regulation will establish specific requirements for feed that will be consumed by animals intended for food production due to the impact that these may later have on human nutrition.

At the international level, legislative approaches vary between different countries, but in general, laws focus on preventing risks to the health of both animals and humans, the basic premises being that such animal foods are:

  • Good and healthy
  • Produced in clean conditions
  • Free of harmful substances; and
  • properly and truthfully labeled

In order to market any animal feed product, the conditions of commercialization and use must be known, in order to guarantee a high level of safety in the product, as well as to provide adequate information to users and consumers of these products.

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In addition, we offer you the management, performance and services of prior inspection, food audits, labeling review and advice on the different analyzes and tests that these products must undergo.

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