To guarantee the quality, safety, sustainability and performance of the products that are put on the market, it is necessary to subject our products to laboratory tests. Depending on the type of product and its specifications, some studies or others will have to be carried out.

Laboratories require expensive facilities to maintain and structure. Specialization has become the way to keep costs under control, which means that not all laboratories can perform all the tests we seek.

Not all tests are product appropriate and must be performed using the latest techniques that are also scientifically validated and approved for regulatory compliance. You may only need some of these tests to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of your product.

Bionok offers a consensual and personalized regulatory strategy on the laboratory test that must be carried out based on the regulatory requirements of each product, reducing risks and optimizing the budget and accelerating time to market.

  • Physical-chemical
  • Efficacy tests
  • QA
  • Microbiological
  • In vitro
  • Live
  • Exvivo
  • Predictive statistical models

Efficacy trials are essential when it is desired to claim a specific effect of a product or when the demonstration of efficacy is a regulatory requirement for placing the product on the market.

Efficacy tests can be carried out in many ways, depending on the specific regulatory requirement or following the needs and preferences of the person responsible for placing the product on the market.

At Bionok, we offer all kinds of solutions and proposals so that you can demonstrate the effectiveness of your product. We will advise you on the most suitable type of test according to your needs and we will guide you throughout the entire process.

  • In vitro tests
  • Clinical trials
  • Consumer panel

If you want to know more about clinical trials, see our offer for these types of trials.

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