If you need a company to act as a RESPONSIBLE PERSON or want to know what the responsibilities of the responsible person are with regard to the manufacture or importation of cosmetic products, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will put at your disposal all the options and facilities for you to achieve compliance with regulation 1223/2009 / CE in which we can distinguish two main participants whose obligations and responsibilities are different. That is why in the beginning it is extremely important to know and determine in which category you want to act.

According to the regulation, a cosmetic product can only be distributed if:

  • Has a safety assessment and a product safety report (SA)
  • Product information file (PIF)
  • Appropriate labeling
  • And the production is carried out in accordance with the guidance of the ISO 22716 standard and appropriate to good manufacturing practices (GMP).
  • Notification of the cosmetic product on the CPNP portal

Bionok can perform all of these services for you. We will listen to you and together with you we will try to make all your efforts easier, so that you can put your products in regulatory compliance around the world.

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