If you are looking forward to expand your business with commercialization of other types of products such as machinery, interchangeable equipment, lifting accessories, chains, cables or removable mechanical transmission devices, Contact us.

Either because you need them to improve your mechanical processes or because you supply machinery to your clients do not hesitate, get in touch with our team of experts to add new global market strategies on certain machinery.

We define machinery as a set of parts or components linked to each other, in which at least one of this components is mobile, associated for a specific application, provided with a drive system other than human or animal force, or to which only the connection elements to the energy and movement sources are missing. enunciated in the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC

The machinery has its regulations, auxiliary requirements, inspections and specific processes in which we can help you manage in an agile way for the European market.

Make the difference with your competitors, Bionok will manage with you everything you need so that you can validate everything that can be beneficial in all the machinery that you want to commercialize, preparing the technical documentation and compliance with local, national, global or internal requirements

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