The toxicological profile is a fundamental part in the analysis of any product likely to be toxic to people by any means. To carry it out, all the available information on each of the individual substances found in the formula must be compiled, their toxicological profile and the route of exposure based on the product in which they are found must be studied.

Bionok Healthcare offers detailed assessment of toxicological risks associated with the use of products manufactured by a wide range of industries. Analyzing the ingredients not only individually, but the possible synergistic adverse effects caused by their combination with other substances in the formula.

Our team, made up of professionals specialized in different areas of knowledge, will study and carry out a toxicological risk assessment. Taking into account all possible variants, such as particle size, routes of exposure, intended use, etc. In this way, you will have a complete report where all possible risks are exposed.

We can also advise you on characteristic aspects of the labeling of dangerous products, safety phrases, symbols, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us to carry out a toxicological study on any type of product.

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