All companies that market products need to manage and use logistics services for their warehousing and distribution services, endowed with an appropriate quality system for each product.

Bionok can meet those needs, for different size companies, whether you are starting your online retail business from anywhere in the world or with a large company with extensive product management and scope. This service will be known as “third party logistics company”.

If you need to put a product in the markets where Bionok operates, we help you take your product to your customer.

In some countries it is necessary to have import licenses linked to a warehouse, Bionok has this type of licenses to import your merchandise.

If you want to be an importer, Bionok helps you obtain your importer license and offers you the possibility of depositing your products in our sanitary warehouses.

Tell us about your needs in order to provide you with a service appropriate to your needs.

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