Chemical products are an essential component of our daily life as we are in constant contact with them, but some chemical products can seriously damage our health or the environment being.

Some chemicals are found in the most remote places in the environment, but also in our bodies.

Substance is understood to be: “Chemical element and its natural compounds or those obtained by an industrial process, including the additives necessary to preserve its stability and the impurities that the process inevitably produces, excluding all solvents that can be separated without affecting the stability of the substance or modify its composition ”.

It should also be observed from the point of view of those who work with chemicals or hazardous substances in industry, as it is important to take adequate precautions. Being able to present some threats ranging from corrosion to flammability. Here is the importance of a good knowledge, characterization, choice of nomenclature and technical documentation for them. If you are a manufacturer or importer, you should know whether or not the registration of your substances applies to you, whether they are in articles or mixtures.

For example in Europe, substances must comply with the REACH regulation otherwise known as (EC) No. 1907/2006, and with Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008, also known as the CLP regulation, being a priority to guarantee a high level of protection human health and the environment. Specific groups of chemicals, such as biocides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, food, supplements, detergents or cosmetics, are covered by their own legislation. But the European Commission is always tackling different challenges that arise with substances not yet studied or new studies and reports. Similar regulations must also be followed in many countries, but in others, the management agencies, processes and times are totally different.

If you need to know what regulation applies to you and how to proceed, from Bionok we can help you both to manage and advise you on the regulations applicable to different substances within and outside the European framework. We also offer the service of processing the different notifications in ECHA that are necessary.

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